How to operate Windows applications safely with smartphone

Corporate Windows 10 Mobile smartphone “HP Elite x3” is, by combining such as option of desk dock, can be used as a desktop terminal. However, when using it as a desktop terminal, it is important to note that the application is only for Windows 10 Mobile.

Elite x3, CPU is different from Windows PC, application is not compatible. However, there are many companies currently using business applications that only work on Windows.

Applications for Windows are available from VDI

HP proposes VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) as a measure to operate applications for Windows with Elite x3. VDI is a mechanism that runs Windows on a server such as a data center or headquarters and transfers only its execution screen to the client terminal. It is also possible to prevent data from being downloaded to the Elite x 3 side, so it is effective as a measure against information leakage.

HP launched the service of VDI called “HP Workspace” as Elite x 3 is launched. The client application for Workspace is installed in Elite x3.

In this review, I tried it with the test account of Workspace Beta version. Workspace runs Windows at HP’s data center and forwards the screen to Elite x3. However, the storage is designed not to be in HP’s data center but to use external cloud storage service. Although it may seem complicated, it seems to be advantageous from the viewpoint of management and security, because it can be thought that storage that stores business data can use its own storage.

Use Internet Explorer from Continuum

I connected the Elite x 3 to the desk dock, tried using the workspace by connecting the display, the keyboard, and the mouse.

Workplace usage environment. I connected it to the desk dock and used it as a desktop terminal

Workspace tried in mid-October 2016, it was not possible to enter Japanese in beta. Web browser, Internet Explorer 11 was installed. Because it was a test account, Google Chrome and OpenOffice were available.

Workplace screen. Icons such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, OpenOffice lined up

In Internet Explorer, the same web screen as the personal computer can be seen, such as displaying a Flash movie.

The operation feeling of Workspace is a little slower than the case where Elite x 3 is normally used. For example, in Web access, I felt a delay when I scrolled. Even being a wireless LAN connection may affect the operation feeling.

As mentioned above, Workspace connects Elite x3 to the desk dock but HP also recommends using PC keyboard and mouse to connect with Continuum if using Windows VDI. The Windows key and the shortcut key are also the same as the desktop computer, so you do not need to drop usability as much as possible.

Japanese correspondence is almost completed. Applications such as Office can be installed by asking HP. The cost is about 56,400 yen per one year. Converting to one month it will be around 4,700 yen. Better service is also offered as VDI.

As Japan HP, in order to realize a mobile solution featuring security features, “I thought that the solution does not contain MDM and VDI” (Nobunaga Murakami, Client Solutions Division, HP Personal Systems Business Unit, Japan Headquarters) ). It means that we focused more on price than price competitiveness.

Corporate cloud “Third alternative” rapidly emerged

The “third” public cloud following “Amazon Web Services (AWS)” and “Microsoft Azure” continues to expand functions and start offering new services. The United States of America Google opens the first region in Japan (a data center installation area) in Tokyo. While IBM and Oracle have appealed that products available on-premises can be used in the cloud, they have also expanded the unique functions of the cloud.

Both Google, IBM, and Oracle are trying to make use of the strengths of each company. IT engineers want to stop these movements and use it for future cloud choices.

With the establishment of a region in Tokyo, Google’s cloud service “Google Cloud Platform (GCP)” is trying to increase the introduction of Japanese enterprise system market. Within the “Tokyo GCP Region” established in November 2016, three zones (independent data centers within the region) are prepared. Such as a virtual machine “Compute Engine”, for the major service to specify the region at the time of use, and to choose the Tokyo GCP Region. “We want to hire as a large enterprise as infrastructure,” said Mr. Kenji Shiomi (Google Cloud Platform Japan Business Administration) at Google.

Until now, GCP’s closest region to Japan was Taiwan and latency (delay) tended to increase. For this reason, some companies have decided not to adopt it for a system that runs a business application that requests responses. “If you are a Tokyo GCP region you get an average 50 to 85% improvement in latency compared to Taiwan,” Mr. Shiota.

The focus of GCP is machine learning related services. In addition to the machine learning function “Machine Learning”, it also offers learned services specialized for purposes such as image analysis and translation, “We can provide know-how not available to other companies” (Google Cloud President Talik Shaucat Google) .

IBM and Oracle strengthen IaaS

IBM and US are expanding cloud services based on the know-how cultivated on on-premise systems, to GCP, which provides technology for consumer-oriented services to businesses.

In October 2016, IBM sold the IaaS “Soft Layer” which had been sold with different brands until now into a PaaS “Bluemix”. According to Mr. Kimura Kimura of IBM Japan (Cloud Technical Software Bluemix Evangelist, Cloud Business Division), IBM Japan said that Soft Layer was a service that it purchased, “Both IDs were different”.

In the future IaaS, PaaS can be used from the same console with one ID. “IT engineers can use the IaaS that can be obtained is finely log as a development environment, such as the development is likely to make the production operation to migrate the completed applications on Pass”.

Furthermore, IBM Japan released an appliance “Bluemix Local System” that can introduce the same function as on PaaS on-premise in November. By doing this, “At the time of system construction, it became possible to choose various environments such as on-premises, public clouds, and hybrid clouds”

Oracle Cloud service “Oracle Cloud” which started focusing on offering IaaS in addition to PaaS focused on before. In addition to the virtual machine service “Compute Cloud Service”, in October we are offering “Bare Metal Cloud Services” bare metal (physical) service, and in November we will offer “Container Cloud Service” which corresponds to container type virtualization software “Docker” Started. “Price of IaaS is 20 to 30 percent cheaper than competing” Taketsume Shinji Mr. of Oracle Japan and the (Executive Officer cloud Technology Business Management Cloud Platform Business Promotion Office)

Although it expands IaaS, Oracle’s two main PaaS, cloud service “database cloud service” of database (DB) service and cloud service “Java Cloud Service” of application development environment, can set the center of cloud service.

The former is “DB Database” which is DB software, the latter is to provide “WebLogic Server” of the web application server as a cloud. “It is assumed that IT engineers already using either software on-premises will choose these two services when building a peripheral system,” Takeozuka said.

In cases where existing applications can not be migrated

The benefits of IBM and Oracle’s cloud services are ease of migration and ease of use of knowledge cultivated on-premises. It is because it also develops on-premises products already on PaaS.

There are three points to watch out for. First, “In cloud services basically it provides the latest version, so there are cases where it is not possible to migrate previously developed applications” (Mr. Kimura of IBM Japan).

Secondly, even in the case of a cloud based on on-premise products, it does not provide exactly the same functionality. In the case of Oracle Cloud, “There are cases where functions provided as optional on on-premises are offered as independent services for cloud services,” says Hirohi Hara, Oracle Oracle Corporation (Head of the Cloud Applications Business Solution Products Division ) Explain.

The last caveat is that in mid December 2016 IBM and Oracle cloud services have no domestic region. By March 2017, Oracle announced plans to offer Oracle Cloud from its data center, Fujitsu as a partner. Japan IBM established domestic region of “IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly Soft Layer)” of IaaS in December 2014, but there is no domestic region of PaaS. “Although concrete plans for domestic region establishment are not disclosed, Bluemix’s offering base is increasing,”

Mr. Kimura said.




New FileMaker became useful for working on team with licensing change

FileMaker can create custom solutions for personal computers, dedicated application-oriented business processing systems for iOS and Android. In the database system for Mac, there are clauses which are underestimated, but that is wasteful. Network distribution of developed and finished applications can be done on Mac or Windows. From the “FileMaker 15 Platform” released on May 11th, it is possible to introduce a license for a team that can use a series of products including servers regardless of the device used, within the contracted number, and to use it more fluidly It was.

Newly introduced simple purchasing form “Team license”

Up until now, FileMaker has often plagued the head with how many products to buy for each mode of usage. We will purchase one FileMaker Pro for application development, FileMaker Pro Advanced to further develop the details, and one FileMaker Server to make the application available to users going outside the office , It alone took a total of 198,000 yen. Increasing the number of terminals used for program maintenance or as a client costs additional costs. When trying to select a plan optimized for usage form, it was necessary to exchange a very complex license agreement.

If I use it within the number of people decided by the group within the company, the license program FLT (FileMaker Licensing for Teams) for the team made it possible to use it for a certain amount of money. The price level starts at 96,000 yen for five people and can be increased to 100 people by 5 people. For example, specifically, if you use up to five people, you can use FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server for development with 96,000 yen for development. This license can be connected from FileMaker Go 15 installed on the iOS device or up to 5 users from Android or web browser on PC. Even if it is a contract of one user so far, it can be said that the things that cost almost 200,000 yen were cheap at a stroke when trying to fully utilize it.

Since there is no problem with the type of terminal you use, application use developed and developed, whether Mac or Windows, can be used regardless of OS. Fluid operation is possible because the management of the number of users is a mechanism to authenticate on the installed FileMaker.


I quickly took in the new functions of iOS

The FileMaker 15 platform has lots of ingenious devices to improve usability in the mobile environment. It corresponds to Touch ID, iBeacon, 3D Touch. FileMaker WebDirect, which can use the same design and functions as the desktop application via the Internet, has also expanded the range of adaptation for both iOS and Android. The FileMaker application can now run on most smartphones.

Touch ID which authenticates users by limiting users by fingerprint authentication is particularly useful. Trying to keep security with password when using the application on mobile makes it difficult to log in and password management is also hard. It is comfortable because you can start using it just by touching the home button at such time.

Touch ID is available on iPhone 5s or later (5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, SE), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 and later iOS machines.

I am glad that it corresponded to the mechanism called iOS App Extension. App Extension is a mechanism for handling processing from other iOS applications to other applications that can cooperate. For example, you want to save photographs, etc. stored in the database in a different app, convenient-to-use at the time.

Application areas that are widely spread in iBeacon

Also, iBeacon has also dealt with it. IBeacon is a generic name for a device that emits radio waves as small as a button and a mechanism to receive it and make it behave in a unique manner. An identification signal for distinguishing the device is transmitted from iBeacon, and it can be received by the iOS machine to make different operations for each iBeacon.

If applied in museums and art galleries, detailed explanation of the work will appear when standing in front of the exhibit. You can create these custom applications with FileMaker.

The fact that iBeacon can be used on products that can develop custom applications such as FileMaker means that the available range will expand significantly. Until now, trying to develop this type of application had to develop separate applications to react to iBeacon. With FileMaker 15, you can make custom applications that suits your needs whenever you need it.

If you use it in a hospital or the like, you can display individual guides there when you go to the laboratory, and you can also present a menu that fits perfectly with the user for each training machine at a sports club. What is particularly wonderful is that content to be displayed there can be updated and edited at the facility supplier side whenever necessary. When editing a page corresponding to a certain beacon ID with FileMaker, new content can be immediately displayed on the iOS device. Flexible operation can be carried out at museums, exhibition halls, showrooms, etc. where exhibition contents are always replaced.

It became easier to start with a simple team license

I asked President Bill E. Pruding who came to Japan in tune with the release of the FileMaker 15 platform to tackle the new axis.

BE (Bill Epling) this release of FileMaker 15 is not significant even for FileMaker, Inc.. As a new development strategy for us, we set a policy of upgrading every 12 months, but FileMaker 15 is the first release to follow its policy. As you know, Apple introduces OS X which incorporates new features every year. In order to fit perfectly with this evolution, we also need to push forward at the same pace. I believe that fingerprint authentication on iOS devices, iBeacon correspondence etc is such a challenge.

IBeacon and others will extend the new fields of use of the iPad. If you use it as a guide system for museums and museums, curator of the facility can update the explanation at any time according to the exhibits.

BE is you say street. It is possible to accelerate the product development cycle so that new functions of the new iOS device can be incorporated quickly. IBeacon is useful not only for museums and art galleries, but also for hospitals and fitness clubs, library rooms inside companies and warehouses where stock items are lined up. Even in such as showrooms of products will make it easier to replace the content to suit the goods are exchanged.

Presentation of the new framework File Manufacturer Japan Company Bill Epping President
While all companies are focused on mobile, the new FileMaker 15 platform will be a great force

The team has added a license to use FileMaker. All entered, the price was uniform and it became easy to understand.

BE up to now, when I wanted to use the FileMaker, was a problem that complicated and quite optimal solution is difficult to obtain to introduce to select only the required number of optimal product depending on the use form. We had to plan carefully how many licenses to users who wanted to deploy it for development. Customers who are already familiar with FileMaker can find the optimal solution relatively easily, but it is quite difficult to start newly. The FLT (FileMaker Licensing for Teams) introduced this time tried to provide this in as simple a form as possible. The user only needs to consider how many users use this platform. The price has been decided up to 100 people in five persons. For example, if you use 13 people, you can choose 15 user connections. Within that range, you can use FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Server 15, FileMaker Go 15 on iOS, and Web browser at the same price.

Recently, many software has adopted the user base subscription model, but we also adopted the same mechanism. With this, new introduction can be used easily and inexpensively. For customers who want to use with over 100 people please contact corporate sales department.

Some customers may want to introduce products with the license model as before. Of course, we also have such an old license type. We are also responding to the demand that media is necessary.

Has the license form of FileMaker users changed?

BE It is a lot of people to migrate to the license of the user or through an annual subscription to be folded and use it to buy a package with a permanent license. It’s easier to maintain, firmly follow product updates, and use the latest technology. The latest technology can be used for security as well, it will be a very big and reliable material. I think it has been understood that this is a very encouraging mechanism for business users. The cost can be reduced to the whole. Currently 1 million licenses are subscription models, and they are growing steadily around the world. We are seeing this FLT to further accelerate this flow.

What is noteworthy in recent case introductions?

BE in the Aichi Prefecture Toyotashin’yokinko will be folded to take advantage of the app that person’s outer loop is made with FileMaker as a tool to explain to the audience in the iPad. By using this mechanism, overtime hours are reduced, so it seems that we can respond to customers carefully accordingly. As the iPad stuffs as much information as it can not be written in the leaflet and can describe the item to the customer face-to-face on the spot, customer satisfaction has also improved. Also, since GPS and map can be integrated, you can go straight without hesitation when visiting customers. As a result, I am pleased that it became a very cost-effective system.

Is there no product that makes FileMaker compete?

ARE you mentioned clearly, I’m not. It is possible to create applications that match the needs of customers, including mobile, with other systems. Although Oracle and Salesforce can also build custom applications that run on iOS, it is not an integrated development environment that enables users to directly create screen designs directly, such as FileMaker. The person in charge of business within the company can directly build up the solution, or you can finish it as desired with the help of system development experts. Small businesses and corporate groups are required to develop such flexible systems, but only FileMaker can meet this need.

Cloud service to throw back to vertical integration

Since the 1980s, the IT industry has been moving in the direction of “opening” all the time. Open will increase your choices. And lower the cost. It further develops the world of IT business. Open faith in the IT industry was without doubt. However in the cloud era, I think that the direction of open faith has changed. It is the impact of cloud computing.

In keynote speech at Oracle’s event “Oracle OpenWorld” held in San Francisco in September, Larry Ellison said that “AWS (Amazon Web Services) is much more closed than the former IBM mainframe” I was saying. “MVS (OS) and CICS (TP monitor), which were the mechanisms to run applications on IBM’s mainframe, only worked on IBM’s hardware, so IBM users will not be able to use their own applications No matter how expensive it was to keep buying IBM’s mainframe. ”

Oracle attracted worldwide attention as a database software that can be used for applications even on cheap UNIX servers in the age of IBM mainframe. The flag of the open system against the closed IBM was Oracle.

Larry Ellison president continues. “Lambda and Aurora are the mechanisms that run applications on AWS, but they work only with AWS – it’s just an IBM mainframe, and it’s hard to move the system that the company is currently using to AWS, but once the system has been transferred It is totally impossible to move from AWS to another place.When I get in, it is AWS that can not come out.In IBM Mainframe which was a synonym of closed, there were IBM compatible machines of Hitachi and Fujitsu.It is I could buy a relatively inexpensive compatible machine unless the computer I wanted to use, but there is nothing compatible with AWS. ”

That’s why AWS users are “locked in” more strongly than former IBM mainframe users.

An open system emerged as an antithesis for the IBM mainframe vertical integration strategy. Vendors in the client / server era such as Microsoft, Oracle, and HPE were welcomed by users who disliked vendor lock-in, and it became a big trend of open system. It was the Internet that was born from there, client / server system.

The client / server system is never completed by one vendor’s solution. The desktop OS is Windows, the database is Oracle, the server is HPE, the storage is EMC, the network is Cisco Systems and so on, the user chooses outstanding products competitive in each genre and uses the client / server system is. The user has freedom of choice. This is the most important way of thinking in the client / server system.

The widespread use of client / server systems has created a business called system integrator that combines solutions from different manufacturers to build a system. Japanese computer makers who used to develop and manufacture computers themselves have almost stopped manufacturing their own hardware and expanded their business as a system integrator.

Cloud service is vertical integration

I will return to the cloud story. The AWS cloud service can be said to be a vertically integrated solution in the sense that it provides the foundation solution necessary for IT all the way through from the data center to the application environment. Various solutions are prepared for AWS, and users use them while choosing, but none of them is totally vertical integration in the sense of AWS solution.

Certainly serverless applications running on AWS are efficient and can quickly make applications. It is a programmer’s paradise. However, if you used Lambda to create an application, there is no other vendor to have Lambda, so it is locked in to AWS. If there is no paradise besides AWS, it can be said that it is perfect lock-in.

“The most valuable data for the user becomes a hostage when using the cloud service.”

There were also experts who said such a thing. Using AWS’s storage service S3, terabyte-class data can be stored at low cost. While collecting various data while doing analytics, the amount of data becomes enormous. Then there is no place to store data besides S3. If you continue to use the application, you will continue to use AWS.

Any cloud service closed

Thinking it is not about AWS alone. Even for Oracle, which claims that AWS is closed, Oracle’s cloud strategy called CloudFirst is vertical integration. You can use the Oracle database most efficiently if you use the company’s cloud “Oracle Cloud”, but it is the same as AWS that can not come out once. When the user enters Oracle Cloud, it seems that there is no choice but to end up with Oracle’s product strategy and destiny at the end.

Even Microsoft and IBM are the same as cloud services. Each cloud vendor makes a sales strategy with “multi cloud” as a phrase, but in fact it is more convenient for the cloud service and easier to use, the more difficult it is to have other services live together. For example, using AWS serverless applications while using Oracle Cloud, connecting with existing applications on the Azure stack, and using the IBM cloud, etc. is rascific, not a user’s favorite choice Let’s see.

In other words, cloud services, whether AWS or Azure, are vertically integrated in the first place and can not be said to be closed services. On the other hand, because it is closed, we can maintain a certain level of service and we can use complicated technologies of cloud computing without knowing the user.

Each vendor company is trying to lock in users based on their competitive solutions as their core. Oracle Cloud is Oracle DB, Azure is trying to lock users in via Office 365, Active Directory, and. NET Framework. The application made for each environment is captive.

When I was thinking about such a thing, I had the opportunity to discuss CIOs of major financial institutions and recent cloud circumstances.

“Because cloud services are all vertical integration solutions, user companies can not use it if they disliked lock-in, they need to choose with a long-term outlook,” I argued, CIO’s arguments It was.

“From the standpoint of an SI vendor like NRI, the cloud may seem to be vertical integration, but we are not trying to make the accounting system with AWS, but what we want to realize is design sinking Whether it’s made with AWS or SFDC, it is only necessary to create design thinking and reflect on the business model, and since what we make is connected by API, there is no user choice Surely, SI vendors are in trouble. ”

It is certainly so. The user can do it if he can do what he wants to do. Aside from how easy it is for API connections to make application collaboration possible, it is a fact that systems can be connected at the application level. API connection will be the key to establishing an open system in the cloud era.

The problem is system integrator. In the era of horizontal solutions like Windows and Oracle, we need to combine several solutions to realize what users want to do. So system integrators who are good at combining solutions have value. But, as each solution is vertically integrated, the existence value of the system integrator will be lost if it is only time for the user to select it.

So, I remembered the story of executives from major IT equipment makers that we met several months ago.

“Mr. Kusuna, my boss in the United States complains about how to use marketing expenses, we pay SI vendors that will sell them based on the results of the previous year, for rebates and educational expenses, , The US boss says how to invest in such a dead line.When saying such a thing, I do not have any place to invest in Japan, but I will not hear it. ”

IT vendors in Japan gradually began steering to cloud services. In this year’s AWS event “re: Invent”, NEC and NTT DATA were newly selected as AWS ‘premier consulting partners. Oracle seems to take advantage of alliances with existing SI partners to start Oracle Cloud in Japan. Will SI partners that had previously sold Oracle’s database machine “Exadata” sell Oracle Cloud?

In order to make full use of its business in Japan of IBM cloud “IBM Bluemix”, IBM also asked that sales man changed the structure of sales commission to sell cloud seriously. Cloud age is coming soon in Japan.

Cloud age coming to the Japanese IT industry at the heyday of SI vendors. Perhaps it is a system integrator that falls to the bottom of the cloud valley conceived by the buzzword and the boom.


Offcon user to be tossed

Under the wave of openness, it can be understood that the off-board vendor withdraws from the business whose profitability deteriorated. The puzzle of users who have been using only for decades is great.

NEC, which shipped 80 thousand units every year at the peak of 1993 and pulled the off-con market, also shipped the final model in March 2015. How did the user respond when the off-concession business was curtained? We will look at three cases.

Wish of “I want to gather with off-set users” has not arrived

“I am thankful for NEC’s off-console that supported our core business for nearly 40 years, but I do not see a transition path, but it is a fact that I feel uneasy about the future.” Mr. Shuji Yasuda, who is the Sales Strategy Office Manager and General Manager of Business Division (Internal Control · IT) at Shinnai Kaibutsu (Osaka City) who manufactures and sells spun yarn, has a complex expression.

Since 1979, the company with 36 employees has built various management systems supporting NEC’s core business such as sales, sales, inventory, production, logistics, etc., on NEC’s off-computer. 70% of the company-wide system operates on off-con, and the two off-comers operating at the head office and branch office are the sixth generation.

In the past ten years, there are no hard failures. Maintenance costs are lower due to client side change from dedicated terminal to PC etc. Maintenance fee is less than 1 million yen per year.

“I think about package transitions every time of renewal, but I have not seen any major change in work and have not been posted because the cost-effectiveness of the transition does not come out.While feeling that it really is OK or not, We have maintained the application with Employee SE “(Yasuda).

Mr. Yasuda began to hear the rumors of NEC’s withdrawal of off-set after the year 2000. In September 2011, NEC told the dealer that it would stop developing the off-com OS “A-VX”.

“Have you finally come?” Within the range of expectation, there was no surprise, but impatience remained. “Although I can evaluate the attitude of telling the user of business changes as quickly as possible, the most important” how to shift next “was not shown”.

Mr. Yasuda has no reason for NEC. I asked the dealer to ask NEC for the transition path, but he replied that “NEC has no window to answer”. Where can you listen directly? Mr. Yasuda relied on NEC’s user association.

“I would like you to set up a place to discuss the future with users of A-VX, if you can, I would like advice from NEC there.” Mr. Yasuda proposed to the secretariat by e-mail.

However, it was said that it was not adopted by NEC employees of the secretariat. “Whether there is circumstances, Mr. Yasuda turns back,” I felt the nuance that NEC employees in the secretariat of the user association responded “It is difficult to pick up items that will end.”

We can not stop the system that supports mission critical business. Mr. Yasuda searched the Internet and found a Tokyo system house that handles the service of transferring A-VX assets. Experimentally in 2013, a time management system independent from the backbone system was transferred to the open system COBOL product of Microfocus in cooperation with Tokyo System House.

From now on, I’d like to draw conclusions within the year “Mr. Yasuda” as to how to shift the backbone system. NEC’s open COBOL products have high affinity with existing assets, but “usage fee is high” (same). There are also forms created in large quantities with the simple language “SMART” of NEC off-con. The problem of the direction of the project which becomes tens of millions of yen is not exhausted.

Crisis surviving in “development system by users”

A university in Tokyo / Shibuya faces the crisis of losing the development technology taught to the staff at the end of NEC’s off-control. The university was mainly based on two people who changed jobs from vendors in 1992, and almost all the systems were made in-house on off-con.

“There is no major obstacle, the processing speed is fast, the annual maintenance fee is 1.6 million yen, one less than the system using the package.” One of the changers who became the system manager now talks like this.

In late October 2012, the director of the system saw the off-con shipment stoppage in the off-console practice book, a personal management web site where off-user users gather. I confirmed the truth to the dealer of the university, but “I did not know the details of what the deal will happen, the dealer in detail” (system manager).

The system manager got the material that NEC distributed to dealership in August 2011. There was the provision of “A-VX cloud service (provisional name)” that will let users’ A-VX assets run on NEC’s data center server.

Dealers visited the university in June 2013 and December 2013 to explain again the suspension of sales. “However, only by bringing in notices from NEC, even if consulting, a concrete and realistic transition plan was not shown, the existence of cloud services has also disappeared” (ibid.)

The university plans to transfer the backbone system used by the education department to the package in the future. The entrance examination system shifted to open-style COBOL in 2014, “The development members are aging, and which one should consider examining the package introduction” (ibid).

The same thing as turning off office is troubling is the way the officials develop the form and application development system. The System Department has provided technical education curriculum to staff from 1992, and has raised more than 10 COBOL developers and more than 60 SMART developers.

“Over 20 years, the site has developed necessary forms, etc. without asking the system division, there is no doubt that if you do not have off-machines, business efficiency will fall.” The solution has not been seen yet.

I can not migrate to packages too much

Some users are trying to break with withdrawal. It is the best (Bunkyo, Tokyo) who handles production and sales of uniforms with 26 employees. President Yoshikawa Shoichiro said, “I am not angry anymore, because I’m away from NEC’s off-set.” The company switched from Mitsubishi Electric ‘s off – console to NEC’ s off – console in around 1998. About 2014 the dealer’s Japanese office came to explain withdrawal of off-cone.

“Risk due to off-coming life-prolonging will be solved now that I can work as an owner.” Mr. Yoshikawa instantly chose not to choose the life extension of off-con, and chose to shift to an open-system COBOL product on a general-purpose server.

Mr. Yoshikawa said, “I think looking at subsidiaries in China, but it is a trend of small and medium enterprises to use packages in the world”, but I did not choose package transfer. “I do not know if it is our responsibility without SE or the responsibilities of the Japanese office worker, but it has become a barrier that we have built a system that satisfies every requirement of the utilization department for many years.With the standard functions of packages no longer work “(Yoshikawa).

“There was a lack of communication”

How do you think about the current situation of off-computer users? Representative of Platform Business Division at NEC Corp. said, “With 600 dealerships, we came close to customers, we’ve done with the idea of ​​moving to the package and open environment to the last one.”

NEC began to inform the dealer that the risk of off-conception will rise from 2008, and in December 2013 it told that new shipment suspension was decided. “Customers developed in-house developed fewer contact points with dealerships and there was a possibility that the information could not be delivered,” Mr. Ehong said.

After that, he said, “I will reflect on my lack of communication with some customers.” While in contact with a large number of customers, there was a possibility that the contacts decreased relatively, and the information did not reach the user company that chooses to develop in-house.

Mr. Honenaga investigated the matter related to the user association but said that he could not find such record. Although the A-VX cloud service was under consideration for dealers, it was said that it was a project that did not come as a result.

Core part of enterprise system Server area

It server area is to introduce to the third. In this area concentrate server groups. It is a system “Honmaru” in which important data, information systems, mission critical systems, etc. in companies operate.

In fact, it is often installed in server rooms and data centers in buildings. The network in this area has a lot of traffic volume, making bandwidth wider, distributing communication loads, and devising measures to prevent access and traffic from concentrating on specific servers and network devices.

From providing services to servers

The server provides functions, services, data, etc. that it owns to other computers. Web servers, application servers, and database servers are examples of servers that run information systems and backbone systems. A single physical server may have multiple server functions in some cases.

Let’s enumerate the servers that users will use. File server, IP to share data associate the address and the domain name DNS server, assign and IP address to the terminal DHCP server, NTP to set the time server, but such as a mail server.

Besides this, there is also a server for system management. It is an SNMP server that checks the operation status of the device with the management protocol, and a syslog server that stores device error information and the like.

IP ▼
Internet Protocol stands for.
stands for Domain Name System.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol stands for.
stands for Network Time Protocol.

Improve efficiency with shared storage

There are devices other than the server in the server area. Common are storage and load balancers.

The storage is a device (medium) that stores data and programs. Hard disks and DVDs in computers are also types of storage. If you are a corporate system, consider the extension of the availability and capacity to operate without stopping the system, often put a shared storage device that can be used to connect from multiple servers

Using dedicated storage makes it easy to secure redundancy. RAID for each server ‘s labor and to set the introduction of software, because the work that you add a new disk for each server is not required.

Given the ease of operation, flexibility that can be shared by many servers, availability that is not susceptible to server failure, and read / write performance, it is reasonable to have dedicated shared storage.

Distribute access

The load balancer (load balancer) is a device that improves the availability and stability of the entire system by properly distributing access. Reduction in processing speed due to concentration of access to a specific server and server down can be avoided.

In the common load balancer of Web access that is used distributing requests to multiple Web server. This increases the overall system performance as the servers work in parallel and respond to clients.

The load balancer usually checks the operation status of each Web server.When detecting a failed server, do not allocate the request there. This gives higher availability than operating with one server.

Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disks stands for. A mechanism that realizes redundancy and capacity increase using multiple disks.

We take heavy disposal

For recent load balancer with a variety of functions in addition to load balancing, “ADC ” I came to be called (Application Delivery Controller), and the like.

For example, SSL the end of the equipped with features and, HTTP compression, the features such as content caching. The load balancer will act on behalf of the various processing that the Web server originally performs, to reduce the load on the Web server.

HTTP compression is a function that load balancer compresses data received from the Web server and sends it to the client to improve communication efficiency. The client automatically expands compressed data. Since the data transfer time can be shortened, the response is improved.

The content caching function prepares a copy of the content data of the Web for the load balancer, and distributes it in place of the request from the client. It is unnecessary for the Web server to process the same request, which can reduce the load on the Web server and improve the response to the client.

In addition, security functions are often provided in many cases. In particular, in the case of the load balancer be placed in the DMZ, and packet filtering to block the communication between specific network, “WAF to check the Web application attack ” function is valid in the defense, such as a public Web server.

Application Delivery Controller stands for. In addition to this, it is called “L4 – L7 switch”.
Secure Sockets Layer stands for. Protocol for encrypting Web communication. Recently, Protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is improved by standardizing SSL based on SSL is used.
▼ Termination
basically be completed there the communication that takes place on a one-to-one. In this case, the communication by SSL is terminated (the load balancer substitutes).
stands for Web Application Firewall. Ability to detect and protect against attacks on applications running on Web servers such as SQL injection.

“SRE” to support Mercari’s IT infrastructure, utilize the hardware with the power of software

“SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)”. This unfamiliar word is a keyword to understand Mercari’s IT infrastructure. The goal is to realize “comfortable and safe” “reliable” service at any time. We derive the power of IT infrastructure controlled by hardware by coding and optimizing software configuration. Beyond the line of sight is the realization of the architecture across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

“We will be responsible for overall system development for” non-new “services and functions for users.” Mercari Nagano Masahiro Principal Engineer explains the role of the engineering organization, which the company established in November 2015 called “SRE”.

SRE is a methodology that enhances the performance, availability, and security of the entire system including hardware, through coding and software engineering. Although there is no clear definition, “There are many tasks as software engineers compared to infrastructure engineers with impressive hardware-related operations” (Mr. Nagano).

It is the Google that is said to have practiced the practice of SRE at the earliest and to practice. In the blog posted in 2012, I mention SRE. Since then, it has expanded mainly to the major Internet companies in the United States, and it came to be heard of Mercari’s engineering team.

“Infrastructure team changed and became the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team.” The mission of the SRE team that I made clear in the blog post entitled “To make the service available at all times comfortably and safely” (same).

Improve the availability of the application itself by refining the contents of the program, review the database structure and data acquisition method to suppress traffic, increase efficiency of deployment (code placement work) and provisioning (resource allocation) Reduce. The required skills and tasks are not limited to stable operation of hardware such as servers, storage, and networks, and troubleshooting.

Overcoming the ‘mountain’ of infrastructure

Currently, Mercari’s SRE team consists of six engineers including Ms. Nagano. The shape formed as SRE is the result of overcoming a number of “mountains” on infrastructure faced by Mercari.

The first mountain is around May 2014. It was the first time that the company telecasted its television commercials, when the number of users began to increase rapidly. It took half a year for the number of downloads of the application to increase by one million, but the speed of increase increased as more than 1 month downloaded increase in just one month. As a result, the response of the whole system worsened.

From that time to the present, the company utilized “MySQL” which is an open source relational database in the database. At that time all the data was stored in one table. We also used high-speed storage based on semiconductor memory, but the pace of increase in the number of users could not be fully covered by the power of hardware alone.

The hand that the engineer team hit was a table partitioning of the database. Initially we reviewed the structure of all the data stored in one table and divided the table according to the nature of the data such as user comments. We also clarified the rules for setting up the table in the future.

The next mountain is March 2015. The problem became a sudden increase in the amount of data. The amount of data that was hundreds of gigabytes began to show signs of increasing beyond 1 terabyte.

The measure taken here was “to scale up and scale out the database server,” Mr. Nagano said. Until then, I split the database server, which was operating with only one system that has a pair of MySQL master and slave, into three main and two sub sub systems. Each line is made up of a master and slave basic structure, and each server equipment has also been reinforced.

We reconsidered the data arrangement as well as the hardware configuration.Depending on the type and size of the data to be stored, a table was placed on each server.

Although the access amount is several times, the scale of hardware is doubled

We also encountered a situation in which the amount of data traffic between server machines suddenly increased, causing congestion (congestion), and the behavior of the application was extremely slow. Mercari operates a system for Japan with a hosting service by a physical server provided by Sakura Internet.

The problem was data communication between the racks storing the physical servers. As a result of searching for the cause, it turned out that there was a problem with the data acquisition method of the product list screen displayed when the user launched the application, or the like.

Only the photo, name and price of the product are displayed on the screen.However, on the reverse side, even detailed data such as explanation and classification of goods were collectively acquired for all items to be displayed. These data were displayed only on the screen of individual products.

“Let’s reduce the amount of data returned from the database, just to retrieve the necessary data.” The engineer team reviewed the SQL sentences and others. We reduced data traffic by half without investing in hard.

Extract hard power with software engineering. The steady improvement made Mercari’s IT infrastructure muscular. “In the last couple of years the access has increased several times, but hardening is suppressed to about twice,” Mr. Nagano said.

Practice SRE in Japan, the UK and UK

The current mission of the SRE team is to build an architecture that spans Japan, the United States, and the UK, which is preparing to start service. Basic hardware and software configurations are common in each country, but IT infrastructure to move is selected according to the actual circumstances. Hosting to Japan by Sakura Internet physical server. Overseas, the US chooses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the UK has Google Cloud Platform and cloud services.

Micro service is adopted for application development. Implement individual functions and common functions as micro services, and place codes in data centers and clouds.

Mr. Nagano who joined Mercari in early 2015 has worked on only the system that moves in Japan. “The system across the Pacific is an experience never before.” I revealed the response as an engineer.

For “SD-WAN” “connection between bases” is only plus alpha

US Nuage Networks is a venture company specializing in SDN (Software Defined Networking) solutions. Started with an SDN solution for data centers, we now offer SD-WAN solutions that extend the technology to WAN. I asked the CEO of Sunil Candechar, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) about the features of the solution.

Please tell me about your company.

 In January 2012 I launched it like an internal venture company in Alcatel-Lucent. Now Alcatel-Lucent has been acquired by Finland’s Nokia and is now a Nokia group company.

Sunil Candechar, Chief Executive Officer of New National Networks

We offer contemporary SDN automation and provisioning solutions across data centers and WANs. We are pursuing business smoothly and there are more than 85 customers, including large companies and telecommunications carriers.

Why is SD-WAN receiving attention?

 What lies behind is IT consumers (general consumers). Current consumers have access to any app and data on their smartphone. However, in the business world the same things can not be realized well. There are various processes in business. SDN is the foundation for boosting digital change here.

It took about half a year for companies to connect new bases to the network in the past. This is not acceptable for business users. What users are asking for is to be able to connect their offices on demand only by setting the portal screen. This is achieved by SD – WAN.

What is your company’s SD-WAN solution different from other companies?

 SD-WAN is currently in a booming market, and there are also many new entrants. Most of the solutions of other companies focus only on connecting the bases. In contrast, our solution is only a plus alpha connection between bases.

Today’s users are distributed (geographically) in existence. We connect users and users, or users and applications by providing consistent mechanism policy. Enable users to use applications in any cloud, such as public clouds and private clouds.

Specifically, how to connect users and applications.

 For example, when you turn on the smartphone, it connects to the nearest base station, and the policy server recognizes the terminal ID. As a result, the same service can always be used on the terminal.

It is the same in corporate bases. By sending policies to the terminal, it becomes connected with a consistent policy. You can connect to the public cloud and private cloud at any terminal.

Other features are.

 Our unique solution is that we use “Service Router Operating System (SR OS)” as the OS of the SDN controller. It is the OS that the “7750 service router” etc. used by major telecommunications carriers is equipped. This OS has a track record that it has been actually used over the past 15 years.

I heard that your SD – WAN solution is based on OpenFlow.

 Certainly, I use OpenFlow to exchange data between control plane and data plane. It also uses protocols such as MP-BGP. However, no matter what protocol you use, what matters is “to build an automated network with no boundaries”. We all offer solutions by standard technology.

I do not use a proprietary protocol.

 That’s right. This point is highly appreciated by existing customers. Interconnection is becoming a big issue in the integration with existing networks. By using only standard technology, we can connect smoothly with existing network.

We have heard that your solution is GUI (Graphical User Interface) all the settings and is hard to handle by engineers accustomed to CLI (Command Line Interface).

 Network engineers are too used to CLI too. However, the environment is changing. In a virtualized system, it is almost impossible to set all the devices individually.

There is a case that a manipulation person makes a mistake in setting by CLI. On the other hand, the good point of our approach is that we can guarantee that the configuration is correct if the policy is correct.

In fact, it can be set through API (application programming interface). In our solution, all can be set in the GUI, but the GUI is actually just one API client.

Our GitHub account in Python and Go, has published the SDK for setting in languages such as Java. For example, it is possible to define security policies programmatically and apply them.

  • Mr. Sunil Candeker, Chief Executive Officer, New Zeal Networks, Inc.


“Idle stop architecture”, ultimate resource sharing spreads

Do you know the service of Amazon Web Services (AWS) called “AWS Lambda (lambda)”? It is called an event driven type code execution service. It is triggered by an event such as data being written to the database or a scheduler as a trigger, and the code such as Java, JavaScript (Node.js), Python and the like (Lambda function and Call it).

Since Amazon announced its announcement at the annual event “re: Invent 2014”, Amazon Web Services has attracted worldwide attention as having the potential to greatly change the system architecture.

In AWS ‘s Tokyo region (data center group), general provision began in June 2015, and it is beginning to be used for data collaboration and so on. For example, when commodity data including fine images is written in NoSQL database, the Lambda function is activated with the trigger as a trigger, and creates thumbnail images and writes them in the object database and stores meta information such as the location of product data in a relational database Writing to, and so on.

One of the features of Lambda is to use computing resources (resources) such as CPU and memory only when necessary, release it when processing is finished. In analogy to automobiles, it is like an “idle stop” that stops the engine each time it stops. Therefore, it can be called “idle stop architecture”. I only use computing resources when processing. When processing is not done, computing resources are released.

In contrast, it is a method of executing code using a virtual machine. In that case, the idle time that is not being processed also continues to occupy resources such as CPU and memory. This can be regarded as wasteful resource.

Lambda, which releases resources when processing is finished, enables useless resources to be shared by many users. The company releases it by company A, and then B uses it to release it. With this method, resources can be used without waste by many users sharing resources.

This mechanism affects costs. The price of Lambda is set very low. If you use 1 GB of memory, the monthly fee is free if up to 1 million calls to the Lambda function, up to a total usage time of 400,000 seconds (about 111 hours) (in the case of exchanging data with other services Data transfer fee is generated separately). Even if it goes beyond that, for example, with 1 GB of memory and 100 hours of usage, if there are even more than 1 million requests, the tax is about $ 6.2 (same). It can be said that it is the price that makes it the ultimate get-together by idle stop. It is an architecture that makes full use of the characteristics of “public use of many users” of public cloud service.

Services similar to Lambda are also offered in other public cloud services. “Azure Functions” is applicable in Azure of Microsoft. This provision began in November 2016.

In 2017, it is expected that event-driven code execution services such as Lambda and Azure Functions will enter the diffusion period. First of all, we will replace the virtual machines whose real uptime is short and the resource is playing. In addition, cases may be tried that attempt to design innovative architectures that fully utilize cost-saving event driven code execution services.

What is the key to end “NEC’s lost 21st century”

“The big problem for the company is that growth strategies can not be drawn, how companies should change and what should be invested.The foreseeability drops sharply compared to the past.” The Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of the CMO in charge of, such as a new business (Chief Marketing Officer) in the NEC interview at the beginning of, but so he said in general terms, the problem of “growth strategy does not draw” is weigh most heavily is It should be NEC’s own.

NEC has been sluggish in business performance recently. In particular, sales have been on a declining trend for more than 10 years, declining to 2.2821 trillion yen in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, at the peak of 5,409.7 billion yen in the fiscal year ended March 2001. Sales and earnings declined by 8.3% year-on-year, due to lower sales and profits in the April-September quarter of this fiscal year. Existing business such as PC business declined and we were forced to restructure, but we could not create pillars of new growth strategy.

For NEC is “lost 21st century”. Meanwhile, the IT industry underwent radical changes. Apple’s iPhone is the tenth anniversary of birth on January 9, 2017. A smartphone that changed the world was announced in January 2007. In July 2006, AWS (Amazon Web Services), which brought about a drastic change in the way the information system was made, was opened in February 2004, when the creation of a facebook that changed the way of communication and media changed.

Not only “sharp” companies are the key players of innovation in the IT industry. Recently, as a male of the heavy industry of the United States, GE (General Electric), large enterprises that create a new service utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) etc. and become “IT vendor” have also appeared . NEC’s failure to draw a growth strategy is unlikely to keep up with the speed of change in the business environment.

In fact, NEC has a number of advanced technologies that would have created a new market if it successfully tailors products and services to establish business models. For example, SDN (Software Defined Network) that enables dynamic change such as setting of network by software. Despite being the first to be commercialized by NEC, due to sticking to the framework of existing communication equipment and network equipment, the later Cisco Systems and others lost market leadership.

Is the partner equal rather than “customer” partner?

That’s why NEC ‘s management is “craving” strongly for new business, innovation and business model transformation, compared to other major IT vendors. However, “With society and the economy undergoing drastic changes, it is hard to reach the essential issues for customers” (Shimizu Managing Executive Officer) Under the present circumstances, new business is extremely difficult. If you are casting huge amounts of money at a stroke like in the past, it is highly likely that you will be outraged, resulting in a major failure.

So NEC says, “I learned the lean startup method for large companies from GE” (Shimizu Managing Executive). In other words, how to do hypothesis verification without money, how to discuss with customers and companies in different industries and new business, how to use business model canvas, method to verify business model, methodology of design thinking, The method that GE is practicing within the company is introduced by NEC as a framework for the creation of new business.

Moreover, the players of the new business are completely separated from the existing business. We will transfer from the business division to the Business Innovation Strategy Headquarters called “2nd Floor” within the company and concentrate on launching new business. Many IT vendors, engineers of the new business team “get pulled” to the site of the SI business, and often the case that the team is killed is frequent, so we can evaluate such personnel measures.

The initiative of the subject “co-creation” is also aggressive. I believe that co-creation is the key to the success of IT vendor’s new business and business model change. For major IT vendors in Japan, almost all companies in other industries are customers or potential customers. It is impossible for us to launch a new business while disrupting existing industries like U.B. Technologies.

Rather, it is a reality solution to launch a new business by collaborating with companies of other industries, which are also under pressure on the necessity of innovation in the same way. However, there are conditions. IT vendors, including NEC, often say “ways of collecting with customers”, but if they seriously think so, they are logical contradictions, and success of co-creation is unrightful. Beyond setting up a new business together, the partner must be an equal partner, not “customer”.

In that sense, NEC is now a jewel case FinTech services of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, which was cited as has established a joint venture company as a business entity, but initiatives that it can be said that the co-creation in the true sense of the word. To NEC, SMBC is a big user with supermarket, but SMB does not directly involve the IT department, and the division side is led by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. By cutting out the new business team from the two companies as a joint investment company, the speed feeling of lean startup seems to be maintained as well.

Do not fall into the temptation of “new business camouflage”

In short, NEC is serious enough to bet on the company’s future to create new business by co-creation. In addition to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, we are running collaborative projects with a number of companies such as Gunze and Kagome, and if we continue with such efforts, new business that will lead to a change in business model may grow up. However, due to the efforts of lean startup ‘s “royal road” there is danger.

Whether it’s a big company or not, the current new business starts small, lean startup is right. However, for companies with sales of 2,821.2 billion yen, even if the sales of new business reaches tens of billions of yen, it is hard to say that it is an impact figure from shareholders and investors. Shareholders and investors should continue to be urged to create new business “meaningful in business results” unless they are even planning to make large M & A (mergers / acquisitions).

Of course, if you can create a new business that scales from lean startup in a stroke, it will be solved in one shot. However, in response to the strong pressure from shareholders and investors, it is not necessarily that these new business initiatives will not change. In the IT industry, it seems that there is no doubt because the “new business camouflage” such as the business sales that had been referred to as the data center business was replaced by a new business called cloud has become normal.

In response to such “disrespectful” concern, Shimizu stated: “Social solutions can not be completed simply by a single technology, a single service. By collecting a number of technologies and services, a social solution is made, for example, a solution with the theme of security and safety is a technology, It can not be secured by services alone. ”

In other words, if NEC is able to realize the security and authentication infrastructure services that NEC is proud of in a way that passes through various IoT services etc., it will grow into a new business with enough sales scale alone. In addition, as the second, third, if there is the possibility that new business by co-creation will grow up, NEC can finally draw clear growth strategy. Although the 21st century will continue for a long time, it can be said that it is up there to end NEC’s lost 21st century.